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Scout Badges

For full list of badges go to: Scouting Organisation/Library/Badge Book

For a list of badge courses on offer go to: http://www.scouting.org.za/westerncape/latest/ and select "Western Cape Scout Courses 2011".

Badges are broken into 4 common categories:

Advancement Badges

There are 5 badges in this section; each is a small consecutive step to the highest awarded badge, the Springbok Badge. In brackets are the approximate ages that these badges should be achieved by.

• Pathfinder (11-12.5)

• Adventurer (12.5-14)

• First Class (14-15)

• Explorer (15-16)

• Top Award (16-17) At the completion of the Top Award, you receive your Springbok Badge.

Scoutcraft Badges

These are basic badges which are a fairly simplified and usually easier to achieve than Interest Badges. They cater for a younger Scout and are usually a requirement for a similar more complex Interest Badges.

Interest Badges

These are highly intense and more difficult to achieve. To get an interest badge a Scout is required to fully apply him or herself.

In American these badges are called 'Merit badges'.

It's important to note, that Scoutcraft and Interest Badges are not like the Cub Badges, which can be achieved in a meeting or camp. They invlolve the completion of a course and/or a significant amount of intensive work including an investment of the scout's time.

Challenge Awards

There are about 5 Challenge awards; each challenge encompasses different areas of expertise. An immense amount of work is required and the result is an extraordinary feat of achievement. Most Scouts will only achieve one of these badges.


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