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Scout Organisational Branches

ScoutingThe Scout training programme is progressive. It is applied through two branches of the Movement which are in themselves adapted to the changing psychology of growing boys and girls. Since not all young people mature at the same pace, there is flexibility in the age grouping of these Branches.

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Points System

Cape West BadgePoints are given out to Scouts for extraordinary positive behaviour and other achievements. Points are also given out to patrols that win or perform well in competitions.

Finally, each Scout gets 5 points for coming to a meeting. Missing meetings therefore lets down a scout's whole patrol.

These points contribute to the patrol. Every four meetings, the 'Summa Award' is given out to the patrol with the most points. (Summa is Latin for Highest).

The 1st Stellenbosch Scout Uniform

1st Stellenbosch has a strict uniform policy. Scouts are fully responsible for arriving in full and proper uniform.

Please let the following list guide you:

• No hat is required

• Khaki short sleeved shirt, with all badges sewn on correctly. The shirt must be ironed and clean.

• Scarf must be clean, ironed and have a leather woggle.

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When do we meet?

1st Stellenbosch Scouts meet every Friday night during school term from 6:45PM to 9:15PM.

Other events/meetings times can be viewed on our calender under the EVENTS menu tab.

What do we need from the Parents

Scouts are a community group and is therefore run and maintained by the parents of the Scouts/Cubs.

• We need the parents to assist in the committee and to help with the occasional meeting or activity.

• We need an up to date list of you and your Scouts personal details.

• We need the Scout to be clothed in proper uniform.

• We need the Scout to have the correct equipment. E.g. hiking equipment (this is normally assembled together over a length of time). A 'Scout trail' book is advised.


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