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The 1st Stellenbosch Scout Uniform

1st Stellenbosch has a strict uniform policy. Scouts are fully responsible for arriving in full and proper uniform.

Please let the following list guide you:

• No hat is required

• Khaki short sleeved shirt, with all badges sewn on correctly. The shirt must be ironed and clean.

• Scarf must be clean, ironed and have a leather woggle.

• Pants can be denim long pants (must be traditional blue colour), shorts or long khaki. The pants must have belt loops and a zip.

• Scout belt must be used.

• Khaki socks, any length.

• Any rugged shoes (preferably not white).

• Bring five items:

o Pen

o Note book

o Bring a sheathed or foldable knife if you have a pathfinder badge (no open blades)

o Emergency contact number list

o Your flip file folder, with your up to date progress sheet in it (should be stored at hall)

You will find information on the placement of badges under the BADGES menu tab.


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